Beautiful Gate Namibia is a day-care centre for HIV/Aids orphans and vulnerable children in Katutura, a township in Windhoek, Namibia. It was established on the 7th July  2003 by Brian and Pam Kinghorn, who began to feel mounting concern about the many children orphaned and affected by HIV/Aids in the country. Predicted 2005 figures show that Namibia, which has a population of about 1,8 million, will have a staggering 180 000 orphans, 42% of them due to Aids, and the country has a desperate need for day-care centres.

Beautiful Gate Namibia operates under the umbrella of Beautiful Gate Ministries International. Beautiful Gate is part of the family of ministries within Youth With A Mission. See link to Beautiful Gate Ministries International on the navigation bar above.

Beautiful Gate Namibia operates a four fold Ministry:

A Day Care Centre.

At present there are 57 children aged between three & seven years old, in the Pre- School.

An After School Programme

During the week we run a programme for the Youth of Katutura aged between seven & sixteen years of age. This happens after the Pre - School has finished in the late afternoons.

Adventure Camps

During weekends and holidays, we run adventure camps for the young people from the commmunity. These are fun times only for the "Wild at Heart"

Community Work

Beautiful Gate Namibia has a growing community work where we visit, encourage, pray for, care for and practically help as many of the families as we can.


BRIAN & PAM KINGHORN           Operational Directors
We have been leading the Youth With A Mission work in Namibia for 10 years. Two years ago, we had a real sense of the big impact HIV/Aids was having on this nation, and we realised that if we didn’t do something about it, we would not be effective in Namibia as this was the nation’s greatest need. We felt especially drawn to the orphans who were suffering greatly under the pandemic. The more we prayed about it, the more we felt God was telling us to get involved. Pam went for training in HIV/Aids and home-based care, and psycho-social support for Aids orphans. After learning about the desperate need for day-care centres for orphans, which would help caregivers to cope better, we knew that that was where we should start working. The Namibian government doesn’t allow parents to abandon their babies and they therefore have to be absorbed into the extended family. This is a positive thing, but you do find some grannies who are overtaxed because they’re looking after so many orphans and trying to survive on a pension that is far from adequate. 


We have great plans for the future: our vision is to multiply and support Christian Care Centres for children in need in different regions of Namibia.


Beautiful Gate Ministries is an international and interdenominational Christian organisation that gives care and support to children in need and their families. We provide medical, emotional, spiritual and physical care to the children, and support to their families and communities through offering theoretical and practical training and discipleship.